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Korea Homestay Batch 7 2014

I supposed to write this post long time ago, but I was too busy with schools and assignment. 

As everyone knew, I'm deeply in love with South Korea. Like everything are about Korea. From music, food, fashion, culture, the boys *mwihihihi*. They're super modern and full of technology. I'm so envied yet I'm proud with Malaysia. I love Malaysia. Don't worry! So, how I know about this program? Well, at first, my sensei told us that Hiroshima International Club accepting student exchange to Japan. Well, I don't take it as an exciting thing because I don't like Japan *at that moment la*. When I returned home, my dad asked me, "You don't want to go to Korea as an exchange student?" And I was like whhhaaattt? Got only Japan meh and he denied it. Got Korea lorr. I'm super excited because my dad offered me, awhh thanks Bah :* So the next day, I went to meet my counselor because he's the one handle it. After settled everything, I kept quiet and only told my classmates, but certain only excited about it. 

Within few days, the news about I'm leaving to Korea spread widely. I could only be like oh aah, I'm going. Since that day after I sent the form, I kept on countdown the days. While counting it, I met new friends as I spread it on Twitter. *to find friends, yeah* We contacted each other till the dayyyy!!! Yes finally! They day! 1st of June is the day we gathered. My Ma and Bah can't send me off as they in Italy ergh. So my brother did. We enjoyed our night by having our ice breaking. As usual, first time met and totally awkward and hating that people, that girl, that boy. Annnndddddd that one boy came in TERUS I LIKE HIM. Actually, most of the girls. HAHAHAHA.

The next day, of course our day! The departure! Forever kecoh when packing and we went to the airport with Japan trip. We departed to Hong Kong at 530pm if I wasn't mistake, and arrived at 9 something. The first thing that we searched for is ze toiletisss. Only God knows how I felt when I tahan my peepee for 4 hours. Again, we departed to Korea at 1230am. Its a long journey, like super long. We arrived in Korea at 5 in the morning. Do you know that feeling, entering out from the gate as if you're kpop idol? Well we do imagined that. Or is it just me? The Busan, Gwangju and Daegu area left first because their journey took around 6hrs. While the girls and me, live in Seoul. I'm deadly sleepy that time and don't care what people say, I just slept there like a beggar lol. Finally, our bus came at 8 am. I'm nervous to meet my foster mom, like can you believe, you're dreaming about having a foster Korean family, and finally you have it? I got no time to see the city so I just slept during the whole journey.

Dadadadadadada the city!!! The Koreans at the road, the highway, the driver sitting at left side, yayyy lol. So the first people I met is Nam Eunyi, the leader for this batch. She's so nice and cute. So we carried our bags all way up to the cafe. When we walked through the corridor, I saw my Eomma in the room. She's pretty and I can't believe it she's here!!! I entered the room and I greeted her. I'm super excited that I'm gonna be her daughter for one week. We had lunch and that's my first time having Sundubu Kimchi Jjigae (Tofu Kimchi Stew). We returned home and yeah the first thing I attacked is the toilet again. TOILET IS MY LIFE DURING LONG TRIP!!! I planned to sleep but Eomma asked to accompany her to market. Well I don't think I should sleep and go and see the town. The neighbourhood kinda cool and breezy. WELL ITS RAINING ACTUALLY! And way to market is damn far. No wonder they're very slim. And of course, when I returned home, I terus melepek and kroh kroh. Before I went to sleep, I met my oppa and dongsaeng. She's pretty and taller than me ㅠㅠ I woke up the next morning at 6 sharp. Well the sun almost up and you know, Malaysia matahari naik pukul berapa. I don't know what to do so I just waited for them at the living room. Eomma woke up same as Appa. I greeted Appa and I find that Appa kinda funny man. And yes he is. 

We cooked Bibimbap (Mixed Rice) because I told Eomma that I like bibimbap. 

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